Thursday, October 13, 2011

Another Helpful Q and A About Upgrading Your iPhone

Is iPhone 4s worth it?


Thinking of upgrading my iPhone, I currently have 3G. Is iPhone 4s worth it or should I maybe just get iPhone 4. I know it's really expensive.


upgrading from a iphone3G at this time makes sense. not so much if you already own a iphone4. think of it this way. you have a very old phone & i assume you are eligible for upgrade. when you upgrade you receive the phone at a discount which is subsidized by the carrier. the monthly cost you pay for service includes money to pay back the subsidy to the carrier. when your contract ends you don't get a reduction in your bill because you have paid of your phone. you are still paying the subsidy fee, so if you are stuck on apple get the best you can.

if upfront cost is an issue the keep in mind that the iphone4 will still run ios5 quite well & you wont notice a difference apart from not getting access to siri which is more a gimmick anyway, those of us using android based phones have had voice recognition with the ability to ask the same questions that siri is able to recognize for a couple of years now & just like apples facetime its really a fizzer that the majority of people think is cool then go back to using the phone the way that feels most natural by swiping. the only real improvements with iphone4s is faster processor & slightly better camera.

if you are not locked in to apple you could consider the samsung galaxy SII android based phone which has a larger easier to read amoled screen,, the one that apple wanted for the iphones because its the best, you will get every function of the iphone & more.however, as you may well know the reason for iphone's ease & simplicity of operation is due to being a simple phone. the advanced features of androids require a modicum of skills & understanding.

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