Thursday, October 13, 2011

Should I Upgrade From iPhone 4 to iPhone 4S

I have iPhone 4 should I upgrade mine to iPhone 4S?


=== answer 1 ===

Well it depends on many factors
1. Do you take pictures from your iPhone?
2. Do you watch downloadable content on your iPhone?
3. Do you play heavy games on your iPhone?
4. Do you use your iPhone while driving?
5. Do you use your iPhone as personal manager?
6. Do you feel you should always have the latest gadgets?
7. Are you Apple fan?
If you answered 3 or more questions as yes then go for iPhone 4s.

=== answer  2===

The processing power is one of the many improved features on iPhone 4S than its predecessor. The iPhone 4S is powered by a Dual core A5 processor. According to Apple, the processing power is increased by 2 X and enables graphics that are 7 times faster and the energy efficient processor will improve battery life as well. While the RAM on the device is still not officially listed the device is available in 3 versions of storage; 16 GB, 32 GB and 64 GB. Apple has not allowed a micro SD slot to expand the storage. In terms of connectivity, iPhone 4S has HSPA+14.4Mbps, UMTS/WCDMA, CDMA, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth. At the moment, iPhone 4S is the only smart phone which can switch between two antennas to transmit and receive. Location based services are available through Assisted GPS, digital compass
• iPhone 4S is available in the market from October 2011 while iPhone 4S was available in the market from June 2010
• iPhone 4 is the predecessor of iPhone 4S
• Both devices have similar outlook and available in both black and white
• Both iPhone 4 and 4S have an equal height of 4.5”. The thickness of both devices also remains similar at 0.37”
• While iPhone 4 is only 137g, iPhone 4S is 140 g
• Both phones have displays with identical size and resolution
• Both iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S have displays of 3.5” touch screens with 960 x 640 resolution
• Both displays are protected with Scratch-resistant oleo phobic surface
• Both iPhone 4S and iPhone 4 have sensors such as accelerometer sensor for auto-rotate, three-axis gyro sensor, a proximity sensor for auto turn-off and an ambient light sensor
• iPhone runs on a powerful Dual core A5 processor while iPhone 4 runs on a 1 GHz ARM Cortex-A8 processor
• According to Apple the processing power of iPhone 4S is twice as fast as its predecessor
• According to Apple, graphics performance on iPhone 4S is 7 times faster than iPhone 4
• In terms of storage Apple iPhone 4 is available in 16GB and 32GB and IPhone 4S is available in 16GB, 32GB and 64GB versions
• Both devices come without micro-SD support and there for storage cannot be further extended
• iPhone 4 runs on iOS 4 while iPhone 4S runs on iOS5, iPhone 4 also up-gradable
• The well known video conferencing application FaceTime, remain same in both
• Applications for both iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S can be downloaded from Apple App store
• The useful voice activated assistant named ‘Siri’ is only introduced via iPhone 4S and it’s not available on iPhone 4.
• iPhone 4 comes with a 5 mega pixel rear facing camera. It is capable of recording video at 720p
• iPhone 4S is equipped with an improved camera with 8 mega pixels capable of recording video at 1080P(full HD Video)
• Overall, the camera quality on iPhone 4S is much improved than iPhone 4
• The front facing camera on both iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S is a VGA colour camera
• Battery life on both devices is impressive in comparison to the current smart phone market
• iPhone 4 has a 300 hour standby time while iPhone 4S has only a 200 hour standby time
• However, both devices have a continuous talk time of 14 hours without 3G switched off
• The exterior of the iPhone 4S remains quite similar to iPhone 4 but the main improvements are seen on the new software and the camera quality

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