Friday, October 7, 2011

Kindle Vs Nook Which One Would You Choose?


So you’re trying to figure out which one would be the best option to choose for your travel instead of carrying books around and which one would choose between these two Kindle or Nook?

=== Answer ===

Current Kindle 3 is a stone age device compared to current e-Ink Nook Simpletouch or Nook Color. Consumer Reports ranked Nook higher than Kindle while all major electronics reviews web sites like CNET, etc. declared Nook the best eReader. e-ink Nook has the latest generation touch screen display, no page turn lag, it weights less, and its battery lasts twice as long (two months on one charge), and it doesn't blink on each page turn - much better than current Kindle 3. Nook Color supports hundreds of apps and has full-color web and video experience.

Also, current e-Ink Nook Simpletouch is still better designed than even the new Kindle Touch with battery lasting two months with ONE hour reading a day with Wi-Fi off thus it's still twice as long as new Kindle's two months with HALF and hour a day with Wi-Fi off. It looks like Kindle didn't get any battery improvement in the new model. More, Kindle Touch still flashes black on each page turn while Nook Touch reduces the flashing by 80%. If you walk in with the Nook to Barnes & Noble store, you’re allowed to read ANY available eBook for free while in the store via free provided in the store Wi-Fi. Nook (unlike Kindle) supports eBooks in ePub format which is the universal format most used in the world.

Also you can consider Kindle Fire

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