Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Is the iPhone 4S better than the iPhone 4?

Which one is better the iPhone 4 or iPhone 4S?

I'm switching to Sprint soon. I'm getting the iPhone 4 or 4S; I haven't decided which one is best. The iPhone 4 is only $99, whereas the new model is $199. I know the 4S has a 8MP camera, Siri, ios5 and a better processor. Would I really notice a drastic difference? A better camera would be amazing, but I'm not sure if it's worth an extra $100. I also don't think I need Siri. And wouldn't I be able to update a current iPhone 4 with ios5, anyway? Would I notice a speed difference?

== answer 1 ==

In gaming, there will be a huge difference in the quality of the graphics. The processor will also improve internet speeds and loading applications. The $99 iPhone 4 only has 8GB of memory inside. The $199 iPhone 4S has 16GB of memory, I think the iPhone 4S is a better deal unless you just want it as a simple smartphone. One that is only used for small applications and emails. Just my thought.

==answer 2==

The iPhone 4 is not compatible with Sprint, but the 4s is. So if you are switching to Sprint then the only iPhone you can get is the 4s. Or you could buy the 4 and unlock it or buy it unlocked from Apple, if your willing to pay that kind of money. I would say the 4s IS better because of the dual-core A5 chip, 8mp camera with better optics, and Siri. You can update the 4 to iOS 5 but it won't have the extra perks. In the end it's really you decision.

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